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Throughout 60 countries the world over, Findeva is a byword for very high-quality vibrators and expertise stretching back many years.

Why pneumatic Findeva vibrators?



Why pneumatic Findeva vibrators, Types of vibration, Field of application and Comparison Pneumatic vs. Electric vs. Hydraulic.




We have been manufacturing pneumatic vibrators and knockers successfully for over 40 years now.

Rotary vibrators: Save money and time

A rotary vibrator is a highly versatile piece of equipment that can make short work of a variety of tasks. High-quality rotary vibrators such as those in Findeva's R and DAR series' of high frequency roller vibrators are the choice of clients in over 60 countries. Their low air consumption and excellent power to weight ratio makes them the preferred rotary vibrator for tasks like plastic compacting, emptying of silos or the transportation of fine powders. Rotary vibrators of this type can be used in fields as diverse as agriculture and pharmaceuticals and can cut manpower hours considerably. Findeva aims to offer clients in every sector a choice of rotary vibrator solutions that best fit their needs and some of the best examples can be seen at

Why choose Findeva rotary vibrators?

Its reputation for quality, Swiss precision and performance has made Findeva the go to name for rotary vibrator users in over 60 countries. The company has been manufacturing its high-quality rotary vibrators line for over 40 years and a combination of precise Swiss craftsmanship, superior grade materials and incomparable design ensures that each rotary vibrator is a masterpiece of design and technology. Findeva pneumatic rotary vibrators are both powerful and affordable and will prove a smart and reliable investment that will make tasks easier to manage for many years to come. The company is known for its innovative designs and you'll find rotary vibrators in a wide choice of sizes and types.

For example, the high speed GT Golden Turbine rotary vibrator series is one of the most versatile. Each rotary vibrator is made to exact specificatons and sizes range from Gt-4 to GT-48. This type of rotary vibrator combines eccentric working torque with strong vibration for speed and power and is ideal for use in the pharmaceuticals and food industries where it is used for tasks such as fine powder transportation, emptying bunkers or moving bulk materials. Findeva rotary vibrators are available with ATEX certification if required making it an excellent option for those working with potentially explosive materials or in hazardous locations.

High-quality aluminium housing

The high-quality aluminium housing that is a feature of certain Findeva rotary vibrators was pioneered by the company and is resistant to corrosion and easy to clean. In fact, every Findeva rotary vibrator can withstand extreme temperatures and can be used safely in any climate or setting.

The real beauty of a rotary vibrator is its low air consumption and high power. Plus, the pulse frequency is controlled by air pressure allowing you to use rotary vibrators with a massive range of materials. A rotary vibrator can also be easily incorporated into a variety of automated processes and will prove a valuable addition to production lines or testing facilities.

Take a look at to see further examples or to find the model and size of rotary vibrator that is right for you. Our friendly team is always happy to help with e-mail and telephone enquiries regarding any Findeva pneumatic rotary vibrator.


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